The Largest Distributor and Seller in China

Have you heard of Chinese Resources Holdings? It is a state-owned enterprise operated by a diversified management system, and was included in the Fortune 500 list in 2014 and 2015.
The company started as a small trader named Liow & Company in 1938, and was incorporated as China Resources Holdings Company Limited in 1983. From 2003, the company is managed and supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of China. The main businesses of Chinese Resources Holdings include retail distribution, electricity, real estate, cement, gas, and pharmacy. China Resource Vanguard, or CR Vanguard, is a large supermarket chain operating 4,127 stores in China and Hong Kong as of 2013. In 2014, the total sales of the entire stores increased to CNY 104 billion (approximately, USD 16 billion), and Vanguard had stores in 288 cities in the 31 provinces, autonomous districts, government-controlled municipalities and administrative areas in China mainland and Hong Kong. The number of its employees exceeded 260,000 in the same year.


A Vanguard store in Wan Chai District, Hong Kong (Left), A sign of Vanguard store in Shenzhen, China (Right)

A Joint Venture with TESCO

Vanguard with enormous distribution channels took a great leap forward again, when it signed a joint venture with TESCO, a world-renowned retailer from United Kingdom. According to their agreement, Vanguard owns 80% of the joint venture with TESCO getting the other 20%, and the 135 TESCO stores in China changed its name to Vanguard. The deal consolidated the status of Vanguard in the Chinese retail industry. The joint venture aims to develop China’s best distribution chain brand, to make swift progress based on the predominance in scale, and to operate the entire channels by optimizing resource allocation and integrating supplier chains and customer resources.


A TESCO store in Dandong, China © Nelson Ching/Bloomberg


An exterior (Left) and interior (Right) view of a Vanguard store in Shenzhen, China

Six Values and a New Wave

The former brand image of Vanguard came from the shape of a sunflower, and consisted of six circles each of which expressed the core values of the company – Fashionable, Convenient, Cheap, Friendly, Fresh, and Quality. However, we thought the former image was inadequate to express the great change of establishing a joint venture with TESCO and the company’s highly regarded status as the largest supermarket franchise in China. So, we promoted an innovative brand renewal, and designed a new brand image to inherit the six original core values of the company. The new concept for Vanguard that we created was “The best star in China with bright changes and innovations,” and the new brand image was designed based on the motif of the North Star.

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    华润万家 China Resources Vanguard


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