Urban Life and Healing, Beyond Technology

What color does a city have for those who lead an exhausting life? Samsung GALAXY brand project started by considering a sentimental healing for urban life to answer this question. Especially, GALAXY Tab S is an android tablet of the GALAXY series, featuring a Super AMOLED display, which shows the outstanding color expression. The GALAXY project was designed to introduce this culminating technology as a new media displaying the true, lively colors of the city to urban people being harassed by visual pollution.


New York Timesquare의 Color Therapy

True Colors Instill Breath into the City

We are surrounded by colors in our daily life. Giving these colors more special meaning, we planned to provide a color therapy that can be a healing moment in a hectic urban routine. Instead of posting complex advertisements, we displayed color therapy contents on the outdoor billboard screens at the landmark places of the six cities – London, New York, Milan, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Toronto. Also an in-depth technical research was conducted, so that the therapeutic colors on the screen can be variable according to the conditions and stories of each city, and these colors give emotional stability to people. The entire project was finally developed to be interactive, and the outdoor billboards deliver practical information, such as temperature, weather, humidity, wind, and traffic situation.


Infographic showing the outline of color therapy


The color therapy algorithm based on temperature, humidity, and weather

Collaborative Project with Artists from the World

To create a better color therapy system, we worked together with French intermedia artist Marcos Lutyens. We tried to find out effective colors and shapes, which are appropriate both to indicate the weather conditions, temperature, and humidity of each city and to give people peace of mind. Selected colors were applied to diverse objects related to each city’s image, and were displayed on the outdoor billboard screens. Rather than being a simple advertisement it was a huge work of installation art with public interests. In addition, renowned music therapist Yuval Ron joined our project, and composed an original soundtrack for the colors of the six cities. His music was played on a streaming website, in sync with the images on the billboard screen.


A sample of color variations for different temperatures(Left) / Special effects filming in Hollywood


Concept arts created before filming each city’s symbolic object


Every scene was filmed with a high-speed camera Phantom Flex 4K


Final outputs of each city’s art object. Clockwise from top left: painting (Amsterdam), water drop (London), inks (New York), smoke (Singapore), glass (Milano), and cell (Toronto).




NewYork, Amsterdam, Toronto, Milano Duomo의 Color Therapy

Public Interests of Outdoor Media

What do people expect from an outdoor billboard screen? To be a landmark of a city? To see an advertisement of a world-famous brand? Or, to display a ranking of popular brands? It is a difficult question. How can we use this “symbol of capitalism” to reflect public interests? The color therapy we put on the screen was an initial effort that took care of people’s emotions, instead of just showing flashy, extravagant advertisements. It was the beginning of digital outdoor advertisements for public interest. We hope that this case will be shared with more brands and help the promotion of coexistent media in cities.


Users can experience color therapy on Galaxy Tab S through an exclusive application, according to their mood on the day.

A micro website that streams the color therapy videos same to the one played on outdoor billboard screens in the six cities.



    Samsung Electronics, Cheil Worldwide



    Project Planning - Cheil Worldwide, sampartners
    Technical Planning - sampartners






    Intermedia Artist - Marcos Lutyens
    Music Artist - Yuval Ron


    Director - John Park (Addict film)
    Producer - Mina Choi, Billy Park, 김이석, 차유현, 남윤석
    VFX - MPC (NY, LA)



  • TEAM of ©sampartners

    Creative Director - 김지훈
    Technical Director - 진성섭
    Application Development - 최태범
    Designer - 박건, 이홍서
    Project Management - 홍상현


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