About GX Project

Good Experience

“Good experience” may sound like a cliché, as everybody talks about it these days. To begin with an old story, it has not been so long since the concept of design was born in Korea, formed a market, and established academic theories. After the concept of design was settled down by the first generation designers, Korean design industry was dominated by new generation designers who had studied overseas. It was the period when design was assessed by aesthetic standards as well. Time passed, and design has evolved according to the changes in terms of industrial structure and paradigm. Now, we discuss the essence of design once again.


The word “design” means to formulate a plan or to devise. Designers always think of how to plan, what to devise, and what kind of responses they would get from the market. A renowned phrase “Form follows function,” by an American architect Louis Sullivan, might come from this idea that design, or intended function and purpose, should be primarily based on a specific perspective. We, sampartners, believe that the specific perspective can be directly associated with good experience. We wish that our design can be delivered to somebody as a measure of good experience. We wish that our design give joy and happiness to somebody. To this end, we should be able to distinguish good things from bad things, and should be able to understand the result of our work. We should be able to accept criticism against our improperly designed result. And, of course, this must be the way of growing and advancing again and again.


As we are an agency, we have few opportunities to show our talents, without a client. Furthermore, we cannot try an experiment with the client’s business, and we cannot achieve our purpose against the client’s demand. In this regard, we need a chance to invent our own prototypes and to grow power to be self-reliable. This is why we promote GX projects. We dream of an ideal advancement, balancing between following and overcoming inertia, reason and emotion, and rationality and sensibility. We believe this would be the solid ground to prove our identity and to stand tall in the market.

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